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Product Line


KVM Extenders - fully support DVI, SDI, 3G, analog video, USB-HID, 2.0, 3.0, serial, keyboard, mouse, professional audio, and 10/100 network signal extension

KVM Matrix Switches & Routers - high performance, protocol agnostic, modular, non-blocking, EAL4 secure KVM switches

Video & Audio Extendersextend DVI and analog video signals with optional audio and network extension

Image Processors & Converters - advanced signal (HDMI and SDI) conversion and scaling

Control Management Systems - control management software to help you manage, control and configure Thinklogical systems

New Product Announcement

 System Management Portfolio

Comprehensive Control, Remote Management and Updating of Thinklogical Systems

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Thinklogical Introduces New System Management Portfolio; Demonstrates 4K Post-Production Workflow at NAB Show 2014

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Thinklogical Launches New System Management Portfolio