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Thinklogical Accreditations and Certifications


Thinklogical's VX routers are the only medium to large-scale KVM routers/matrix switches to achieve NATO (NIAPC) Evaluation Scheme: Green status, Common Criteria EAL4, and TEMPEST Level B approval for single chassis, multi-classification computer and video infrastructures. With our VX routers, you can maintain Information Assurance (IA) between multiple classified and non-classified networks.


Read the press release announcing our NATO NIAPC certification approval.

Download the white paper to learn the Best Practices for the Design of Secure Multi-Domain KVM and Video Routing Systems



NATO Approval   Common Criteria Certification Reports   Common Criteria Security Targets
VX40 NATO Approval   MX48 Certification Report   MX48 Security Target
VX160 NATO Approval   VX40 Certification Report   VX40 Security Target
VX320 NATO Approval   VX80 Certification Report   VX80 Security Target
    VX160 Certification Report   VX160 Security Target
    VX320 Certification Report    VX320 Security Target
    VX320A Certification Report   VX320A Security Target
    VX320V Certification Report   VX320V Security Target
    VX640 Certification Report   VX640 Security Target






The VX40VX160, and VX320 routers are TEMPEST Level B certified. Go to www.commoncriterialportal.org/products/ and see other accredited devices and systems.