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Application Briefs 


Broadcast & Post-Production



High performance fiber optic infrastructure solutions can help you transition to the digital media world. In a rapidly changing technology environment, you can realize your business objectives using leading-edge technology solutions from Thinklogical. 

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Government & Military



Thinklogical infrastructures are fiber-based, 6.22 Gbps, single thread, resolution agnostic systems that deliver every pixel and refresh frame from end to end. While other AV infrastructure solutions offer approximately 3 to 4 Gbps, Thinklogical understands that to support an uncompressed full resolution and full frame rate DVI image, roughly 5 Gbps is required. 

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Energy & Utilities


Analysts project that in 2011, energy and utility businesses and organizations, in the United States alone, will invest upwards of $21.9 billion dollars in new technologies, with a compounded annual growth rate of 4.5 percent through 2014. Those are impressive numbers on their own, but when you consider the importance of energy to our lives — as well as to our global growth, productivity, and security — it is critical that the new initiatives underway to optimize technology in this field move into full throttle. 

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 Air Traffic Control


According to the FAA, air traffic is projected to grow in the United States from 740 million passengers last year to one billion in 2015. By providing critical fiber-based KVM extension and routing solutions, Thinklogical plays a key role in the effort of modernizing not only the nation's air traffic control systems, but systems worldwide.

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Professional Audio Visual - When the stakes are high AV professionals turn to Thinklogical. 

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Oil & Gas 



Learn how Thinklogical helps the oil and gas industry increase performance, enhance data security, and improve collaboration and productivity. Our high-performance fiber-optic signal extension and switching systems support multiple video-rich applications in the oil and gas environment.

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