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Designed For High Performance Vision Applications

Developed for the Camera-Link™ standard for high performance digital cameras and frame grabbers, the Camera Fiber-Link system transmits signals from 350 meters up to 10 kilometers over multi-mode or single-mode fiber, without picking up electromagnetic interference that is common in these environments. This allows users to position a camera in any manufacturing setting or hostile factory floor environment, while keeping the computer secure in a controlled location.


Series Includes:

Camera Fiber-Link 3000 - TX/RX    CFL- 3000 Supports Base Configurations

Camera Fiber-Link 4000 - TX/RX    CFL- 4000 Supports Full/Medium/Base Configurations

Camera Fiber-Link 5000 - TX/RX    CFL - 5000 Supports Dual-Base Configurations

Camera Fiber-Link 6000 - RX only CFL - 6000 Supports Dual-Base Configurations with Two Independent Cameras



  • Camera Fiber-Link 3000: Supports Camera-Link™ base configurations with pixel clocks from 20-85MHz

  • Camera Fiber-Link 4000: Supports all Camera-Link™ full/medium/base configurations with pixel clocks from 20 -85MHz

  • Camera Fiber-Link 5000: Supports all Camera-Link™ dual-base configurations with pixel clocks from 20-85MHz

  • Camera Fiber-Link 6000: Supports two independent Camera-Link™ base configurations with pixel clocks from 20-85MHz

  • Extend camera signals up to:

    • 350 meters using standard multi-mode fiber

    • 1000 meters using eSX+ fiber

    • 10 kilometers using single-mode fiber

  • Transparent Camera-Link™ operation

  • Small form factor, units are self-contained and do not require user adjustments

  • Signal transmission via fiber optic cable – no RF interference


Serial Port (RJ45) with RS232 interface - Class 1 laser product

Industrial Options also include:

  •    Power Input: 5 to 12V or 12 to 24V

  •    Screw lock (threaded) power connector

  •    Use of users own DC input

  •    Din rail connectors for mounting

  •    Chassis ground post

Pixel Clock: 20-85 MHz

Supply Voltage: +5.0 VDC               

Operating Temp.: 0°-50°C; (32°-122°F)

Humidity:5-95% RH, non-condensing


Height: 1.25” (3.2cm) Camera Fiber Link 3000, 4000

Height: 1.187” (3cm) Camera Fiber Link 3000, 4000

Depth: 5.44” (13.8cm)

Width: 6.88” (17.5cm) Camera Fiber Link 3000, 4000

Width: 9.00” (22.9cm) Camera Fiber Link 5000, 6000

Weight: 1lb (0.45kg) each\Shipping Weight: 6lb (2.72kg) pair (Tolerance: ± .039”; .100cm)

Optical Cable: Single-mode over two fibers/ Multi-mode over two fibers; (Fiber is available, not supplied)

Optical Distance                                

Up to 50 meters with type OM1

Up to 350 meters with type OM2   

Up to 1000 meters with OM3 enhanced

Up to 40 kilometers with type OS2 (single-mode)

Power Consumption: <10 watts per unit

DC Adapter: AC/DC adapter universal

Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz (supplied)

Compliance: Approvals for US, Canada,and European Union

Warranty: 12 months from date of shipment; Extended warranties available



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