Secure Accredited KVM and Video Distribution Systems


IA - Accredited KVM and Video Distribution Systems (VDS) for:

  • C4ISR
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Command Centers and Control Rooms
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Black and Red Military Networks
  • UAV/UAS Operations and Training
  • Secure Operations and Communications Centers
  • Shipboard Infrastructure
  • Aerospace Operations Center
  • Visualization, Training and Simulation
  • Secure Meeting Centers and SCIFs

Thinklogical's KVM switching solutions are the only medium to large-scale fiber-optic KVM and Video matrix switches to achieve Common Criteria EAL4 Certifications, NATO (NIAPC) Green status, TEMPEST Level B and JITC UCR approval for single chassis multi-classification computer and video infrastructures. Thinklogical supports multi-domain isolation, partitioning and restricted switching for visual computing environments.


When mission-critical applications are in play, system integrators and administrators understand that it is essential to provide users with a secure system that leaves little room for downtime. Consider users in a military command-and-control center, where they must react swiftly to urgent event information and a system slow down or fault could potentially have disastrous consequences. In addition, accessing sensitive data is of paramount importance in these types of environments. In many instances, end users need to switch between two or more computers, possibly at different classification levels, thus introducing data vulnerability.


For over a decade Thinklogical’s products have been engineered and designed with secure facility applications in mind.  Our products and solutions play a critical role in helping military and government departments and agencies overcome security infrastructure concerns, as well as collaboration and information sharing issues. In addition, Thinklogical is the only provider in the marketplace today that has established an Information Assurance (IA) methodology across its entire line of VX routing products. This in turn has enabled Thinklogical to achieve the prestigious accreditation for Common Criteria EAL4 certification.

Northrop Grumman

Thinklogical supplies key fiber-based infrastructure solutions on the U.S. Navy’s Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Unmanned Aircraft System (BAMS UAS) for Northrop Grumman. The BAMS program supports a variety of all-weather maritime ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) missions. Northrop Grumman chose Thinklogical to provide an infrastructure that was fiber-based, 6.25 gigabit, single thread, resolution agnostic, and could deliver every pixel and refresh frame from end-to-end. Since Thinklogical systems are accredited for Information Assurance by the (NSA) Common Criteria, EAL4, and for use in NATO multi-classification environments, it was clear that this system would be ideal for deployment throughout the BAMS program. 

Application Briefs

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Defense & Intelligence

Thinklogical infrastructures are fiber-based, 6.25 Gbps, single thread, resolution agnostic... 

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Air Traffic Control 

Thinklogical plays a key role in the effort of modernizing Air Traffic Control... 

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Press Releases

Thinklogical Extends Leadership with World's Largest and Highest Bandwidth KVM and Video Router

New, non-blocking VX640 Router offers 640 ports with 6.25 Gbps of bandwidth per port to meet the needs of large-scale video and KVM systems

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VX Fiber Optic KVM Routers to be Deployed by NATO

Thinklogical’s VX series of fiber optic routers are the only medium to large scale KVM routers to achieve NATO (NIAPC) Green status and TEMPEST approval for single chassis multi-classification computer and video infrastructures.

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