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Sentinel offers high availability – 24 /7/ 365 – with advanced failover architecture


Hot-swappable power supplies, serial device modules, NICs and field replaceable CPU boards


For distributed “mission critical” networks and IT infrastructures, Thinklogical’s Sentinel series of secure console servers provide users with secure access and control of network devices and servers. Advanced failover architecture integrates additional functionality into the Sentinel series of console servers. Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies allow for uninterruptible power, enabling users to remove a failed power supply while the unit is running. In addition, hot-swappable access modules, NICs and field replaceable CPU boards makes the Sentinel fail-safe, ensuring high availability, while increasing the time and effectiveness of systems administration and IT staff.


Available in 8-, 16-, 24-, 32- port models that fit in 1U rack space, the Sentinel provides the layer of security, management, and control over widespread infrastructures that users require.

  • Full Distribution (non-embedded) Linux

  • Unique host keys generated upon setup

  • Hot swappable device, network, and console interfaces

  • Dual network interface connections

  • Dual console connections

  • Field replaceable mother board

  • Dual hot-swappable universal power supplies

  • GUI for quick “out of the box” setup and deployment

  • DCE/DTE programmable (requiring half the number of adapters)

  • Simple integration with Thinklogical PDU


  • AC or DC power available

  • Internal modem option

  • 512 MB writable Flash

  • SSH directly to port/IP (no-charge option)

  • Field updates via RPM

  • Multiple concurrent SSH sessions

  • Manage up to 32 servers or devices

  • 256K True FIFO audit trail per device port

  • Port access via 10/100 Base-T network connection or local terminal

  • Access administration functions securely from a local terminal or over the network

  • 1.75"(1RU) high, fits in standard 19" rack

Device Interface: EIA-232, 2400-115.2K baud

Device Port: RJ45 (32), Console Port: RJ45 (2)

Connector Type: Network Port: RJ45 (2)

Power Requirements                           

AC input: 100-240VAC, 47-63 Hz Dual Universal AC power supply, Hot-Swappable

Power Consumption: 15W typical

Heat Flow Rate: 60 BTU/hr

Operating temperature (convection): 0°-50°C (32-122°F)

Humidity: Operating: 30%, Non-condensing: 90%

Physical Dimensions:                            

Rack size: EIA 19.050"

Height: 1U-1.725"  

Width: 17.370"

Depth: 17.765"

Weight: 10lbs. (4.4kg)

Shipping Weight: 18lbs. (8.1647kg)

Warranty: 12 months from date of purchase - Extended warranties available 


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