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Control Management System - X4 Configurator

Configuration and control software for MX, VX and HDX Routers


Thinklogical offers control management software to help you manage, control and configure a wide selection of Thinklogical products.


The X4 Configurator’s graphical user interface provides intuitive navigation allowing novice users to easily connect their sources and destinations with ease. In addition, the X4 Configurator is designed with large, uncluttered windows, shallow menu trees, and large buttons for touchscreen friendly control, configuration and status monitoring. The newly revamped X4 Configurator STUDIO Connection skin is a GUI designed for the broadcast and post-production environments. Its design is based on familiar industry standard interfaces, so users can easily find key functions and perform switching between source computer or video entities and user display destinations such as desktops, theaters and editing suites. All Thinklogical software products are Windows® and Linux® compatible.

  • Administrative Setup and Control: The X4 Configurator provides step-by-step screens that guide the Administrator through the process of configuring a routing system. The X4 Configurator allows an Administrator to add users, groups and devices while organizing them in a logical fashion. It also provides a means to configure IP and security settings and define and monitor system event information and alert messaging.

  • On-Screen Display (OSD) – For quick and simple connections to destination resources

  • Collaboration - Allows multiple users to access a source workstation’s keyboard and mouse seamlessly with any keystroke or movement of the mouse. This in turn provides the end user with a single shared view of the source video, along with use of the source keyboard and mouse


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